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agosto  15, 2022

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An editorial note on the Ever - Given Case. Trading, legal and insurances complexities

By Carlo Corcione and Sergio Napolitano

“From time to time the world stops to look at some disasters happening at sea. It is a very recent news that a vessel sank off the coasts of Sri Lanka, spilling hundreds of tons of oil and 25 tons of highly corrosive acid into the Indian ocean. In the past, we assisted to several othercases. From the Costa Concordia to Gulf Livestock 1, from MSC Napoli to the Stellar Banner and many others. These cases usually catch the attention of the public and media for a few days and then life of media and general audience gets back to normality. However, the complexity of the trade and the shipping continues. Indeed, it is not extraordinary what happens from time to time, instead, it is extraordinary (seen the difficulties around) that it does not happen more often. There is one specific case that very recently grabbed the attention of the entire world, that is the Ever Given case. To this effect, although such event is clearly unprecedented and, despite the fact that the vessel was under arrest for several months up until early July, when she was then released, the world’s attention to this matter did not last long, as the majority of the general audience looked for a new click bait news, without focusing on the legal and insurances complexities arising out of this event.”

Copyright 2018 - - editorial albrematica - Tucumán 1440 (1050) - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires - Argentina

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